All-on-6 to Replace Multiple Missing Teeth

All On 6 West Grove, PA

Replacing missing teeth with an All-on-6® is an efficient way to replace multiple missing teeth. Individual dental implants are ideal yet quite expensive if you have several missing teeth. All-on-6 is less expensive and less extensive. It is quicker and simpler than individual implants. All-on-6 is also a less invasive method of teeth restoration. If you want to understand an All-on-6 procedure, here are the facts.

The consultation

The dentist will assess the patient’s dental condition. This will determine if All-on-6 can help the patient. If this procedure is a good fit, then the dentist will explain the details of the procedure. The dentist will also take the medical history of the patient. A series of diagnostic exams, such as dental X-rays, can help the dentist see where the implants will go.

The procedure

Once the patient understands what will happen, the dentist will help the patient set an appointment for the All-on-6 procedure. This teeth restoration method takes two and a half to four hours for each jaw. The patient can request to have the procedure on both jaws in one appointment. This will make the healing shorter if the patient needs All-on-6 for the upper and lower jaws.

The dentist will prepare the patient’s jaws by forming clean dental pockets in areas where the patient’s natural teeth used to fill. Then the dentist will place the titanium rods into the sockets. While the dental lab creates permanent overdentures, the patient will wear temporary ones. These temporary, light overdentures will help the patient heal better.

The recovery

Patients should expect post-surgery swelling, pain, and bruising. The discomfort will fade after a few days. Once the patient gets the new overdentures, the patient should have regular visits to the dentist to ensure stability. The patient should avoid strenuous activities and smoking. These activities tend to delay healing and osseointegration. The patient should only eat soft foods to prevent tissue injury.

The advantages

Patients who wear temporary dentures often complain about loosening and falling out of their temporary teeth replacements. These incidents result from bone loss. Consequences include the deterioration of the patient’s self-esteem. There is dental stability after an All-on-6 procedure. Once a patient trades the temporary dentures for an All-on-6 treatment, embarrassment will be a thing of the past.

Patients with removable dentures usually become uncomfortable while eating, especially if the dentures are not secure enough. After healing, the patient with an All-on-6 procedure does not prevent a patient from eating anything. This procedure produces teeth replacements that blend with the patient’s natural teeth. Only the patient and the dentist know about it. An All-on-6 is also a cost-effective way to replace several teeth. Instead of having individual dental implants to replace the entire upper or lower row of teeth, there will only be six.

You can have a more stable set of permanent dentures with an All-on-6 procedure

Tooth loss is a major dental problem among many communities. The most efficient teeth replacement procedure is the All-on-6. You do not need to worry about feeling awkward or embarrassed because your dentures might fall out. When it comes to costs, you do not have to think about spending that much either. Talking to your dentist about an All-on-6 procedure can help answer your other questions. It can also prepare you well for your coming dental treatment.

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