Are CEREC® Crowns Safe? Understanding Restorative Dental Materials

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CEREC technology allows dental practitioners to make crowns in a very short amount of time. It provides a convenient option for busy people who want to restore their smiles quickly. Even though CEREC crowns are relatively new to the market, they have become very popular. An increasing number of dentists are recommending them for patients. CEREC technology has already been used to make many dental restorations. Read on to find out how CEREC crowns can help you.

CEREC crowns

Restorations are the different ways dentists can restore or replace lost teeth or missing parts of the structure of the tooth. Tooth structure can be missing because of decay or the deterioration or weakening of a previously placed restoration. A tooth fracture can also contribute to the problem. Some common restorations include dentures, implants and dental crowns. Thanks to advancements in technology, patients can now get crowns faster. CEREC is a recent innovation that many dental providers are using to provide crowns quicker than traditional crown procedures.

How CEREC technology works

Crowns can be manufactured on-site in just an hour or so from digital scans taken of the patient’s mouth. The crown is made with the help of a computer, which ensures that it fits the tooth properly. The procedure is ideal for people who want to forego the unpleasant dental impression process. The computer-aided technology allows for treatment to be completed in a single visit. The in-office machine usually carves the crown’s shape from a block of restorative material, often a form of ceramic. CEREC crowns are made using materials that are not deemed to be harmful.

Advantages of CEREC crowns

There are many materials that are used to make crowns, including metals. However, crowns made of metal are not a good choice for people with metal allergies. Since CEREC crowns are made of ceramic, there is no chance of a person suffering a reaction from a metal allergy. The temporary crowns that people get with traditional procedures are often made from resin and sometimes do not fit well. This often makes them uncomfortable for many people. CEREC crowns consist of ceramic and often fit well, which makes them very comfortable.

The CEREC crown procedure restores the function of the teeth right away. The teeth affect the smile, how people talk and their eating patterns. With the traditional procedure, a person may get a temporary crown while waiting for the final one to be made. Even though the patient can continue to eat normally during this interim period, there are certain precautions people may be expected to take. These may include being careful when eating or sometimes even following a particular diet. Fortunately, this is not always necessary with CEREC crowns.


CEREC restorations are considered to be effective and harmless. CEREC will allow you to get a crown in one simple visit. It eliminates the need for impressions and the discomfort of temporary crowns. If you think you need a dental restoration, talk to your dentist today. Your dentist can determine if a CEREC crown can help improve your smile.

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