Your Child Will Feel Safe and Secure at Our Pediatric Dentist Office

As a pediatric dentist, we enjoy treating children. Simultaneously, we also face a range of unique challenges because of the ages of the patients we treat. It is true that every dentist faces challenges like dental anxiety from patients of all ages, but at the same time, we are intimately aware that as a pediatric dentist, we have an opportunity to set the trend, which will allow your child have the confidence to return to the dentist time and time again.

In a world where 19 percent of children between the ages of two and 19 have untreated cavities, as estimated by the CDC, it becomes very important for us to ensure that we make the environment your child comes into extremely friendly. By encouraging children to come back to the dentist for frequent visits, including a biannual checkup, we can catch problems like cavities and hopefully reduce some of those statistics.

Your Child Will Feel Safe at Our Pediatric Dentist Office

From the very first moment a child steps into a pediatric dentist's office, they need to understand that this is a safe place, a place of healing, and we go to great lengths to ensure that this is the vibe we present. A child's visit to the pediatric dentist does not begin when they hop on the chair, as is common with most adults; rather, it begins from the moment they walk through our doors.

As such, we strive to make sure that our waiting room environment reflects our dedication to children. Small things like appropriately sized furniture, a play area, age-appropriate books and games, and even the ability of a child to have a special beverage make them feel special. Instead of the pediatric dentist office being a place to fear, it is a place where the child feels comfortable.

a positive experience

Some of the things we do in our pediatric dentist practice are to ensure that the child is greeted and treated by staff members who treat them with age-appropriate seriousness. Remembering that our goal is to make the dentist visit as an un-intimidating as possible, we also want to educate the children in the process, which helps with reducing some of the stress and anxiety.

The use of colorful scrubs on the staff helps make the pediatric dentist office staff seem more approachable and less intimidating. Colorful gloves are also less scary, which helps make the entire experience less stressful. We also use tools that may seem rather silly to an adult but help children overcome their fears of a dentist. As a pediatric dentist, we will use terminology like "Mr. Thirsty" for the suction, "tooth paint" for dental sealant, and the cotton rolls become "two pillows."

These may seem childish, but that is the entire point. As a pediatric dentist, we know that in order for a child to be comfortable, we have to be right down on their own level. While we strive to provide the child with all the medical attention they need, we want to do it using a methodology that a child can understand, relate to, and not be afraid of.

To experience the benefits of bringing your child to a pediatric dentist office like Jenny Chen Pediatric and Family Dentistry, call us at (610) 400-1588 and schedule an appointment with us at our West Grove pediatric dental office.

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