Do You Need Same Day Dentistry Care for a Tooth that Falls Out?

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When a tooth falls out, patients are faced with a serious dental emergency and may wonder if same day dentistry care is what is needed. A knocked-out tooth is medically known as an avulsed tooth, and it is worrisome for multiple reasons, mainly because the adult teeth will not grow back like baby teeth. If the tooth cannot be repaired or restored, patients are left with no other choice than to decide how to handle a gap.

How to handle a tooth that falls out

If a tooth falls out or gets knocked out of its socket, there is still a chance it can be re-implanted. Patients need to seek same day dentistry care immediately. The chances of reinstalling a tooth are higher about an hour after it falls out, so there should be no delay before visiting the dentist. Patients can take certain steps to increase the chances of saving the tooth.

If the tooth comes off, it should be held by the crown, not the root. If possible, one can try to put it back in its socket, facing the right direction. A soft cloth or piece of gauze can hold the tooth in place. If the tooth is dirty and needs rinsing, saliva or milk can be used. Water does not work well for tooth preservation.

Even if the tooth is dirty, patients need to avoid cleaning it with soap or scrubbing it. Storage in saliva and milk should be enough if the tooth cannot be put back in its socket. These preliminary steps ensure that the tooth stays healthy long enough for reimplantation during a same day dentistry visit. 

The dentist will examine the gum, clean the area properly and try to reinstall the tooth. The major challenge is not that the tooth will return to its socket, although that is a real issue, but, that infection might set into the socket or gum. If patients develop a swollen gum or feel unwell after a few days, a same day dentistry visit is necessary.

Why a tooth might fall out

The tooth may fall out for different reasons, and not all of them are avoidable. Common reasons include:

Accident or trauma to the gum, teeth or face: Engaging in contact sports like martial arts, boxing and football without a mouthguard or a car accident can force the tooth out of its socket.

Poor oral hygiene: The presence of bacteria in the gums can make the tooth unstable. Failure to care properly for the teeth with proper and regular brushing and flossing and routine dental checkups can leave the tooth at the risk of falling out. Tooth decay may develop, and the tooth may come off on its own without dental treatment.

Gum disease and oral cancer: Severe gum disease affects the gums and is the leading cause of tooth loss. Oral cancer damages the structures supporting the tooth as well.

Final note

Irrespective of what caused a tooth to fall out, same day dentistry care is important. The dentist will let you know if the tooth can still be saved or if a replacement will be necessary.

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