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Posted on: December 12, 2019

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Pediatric dentistry is an important field of medicine because it puts a focus on children’s dental and oral health. One of the most important ways to maintain healthy teeth is to have sealants put on permanent molars in order to prevent tooth decay from occurring. Tooth decay is quite common among pediatric patients because children love sugar and oral hygiene is not always a concern. Pediatric dentists offer sealants to their patients so that the permanent teeth are set up for success. Having healthy permanent molars is important for everyone, children included. Parents that want to protect the children’s teeth from tooth decay should consult with a pediatric dentist so that they can go over the preventative options, such as sealants.

Sealants for molars to prevent tooth decay

Dental sealants can be used for people of all ages, but pediatric dentists recommend it for children as the permanent molars begin to come in. Read on to find out more about how sealants work to prevent tooth decay.

What are dental sealants?

These protective coatings are used most commonly within pediatric dentistry because sealants protect teeth! Most parents want their children’s teeth to be healthy and free of decay. As a child’s permanent molars begin to come in, a pediatric dentist can place sealants over the molars to seal the teeth off. The sealant covers the tooth’s enamel and keeps the surface from building up bacteria which could lead to decay.

Why are sealants important for molars?

Pediatric dentists recommend sealants because these act as protective coverings for teeth! Children’s teeth are very prone to decay because they do not always practice the proper oral hygiene. The molars, in particular, are used to chew and grind food that is consumed which makes them even more prone to bacteria buildup. Over time, that buildup could cause tooth decay. However, having sealants placed will help to reduce the chance that tooth decay would occur.

Pediatric dentistry for tooth decay prevention

While dental sealants will help to prevent tooth decay, they will not completely protect the teeth. It is still necessary for children and adults to brush and clean the permanent molars. Pediatric dentistry does use sealants as a way to delay tooth decay. However, if one has bad oral hygiene, it is still bound to happen. Even after sealants are placed, patients should practice good oral hygiene to ensure that the permanent molars and other teeth remain in good and healthy shape.

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Sealants are a great way to prevent tooth decay on permanent molars. As your child's permanent teeth begin to come in, you may want to consider dental sealants to protect their teeth. If you want to know more about sealants and how these can prevent tooth decay, your pediatric dentist will be happy to go over any questions that you have. Schedule a consultation today!

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