The Benefits of a Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment West Grove, PA

Root canal treatment is often recommended for patients experiencing a severe toothache, tooth decay, or an infection. It deals with the treatment of damaged tooth nerves and the removal of the diseased tooth pulp. The procedure has become highly effective for relieving pain and saving a tooth that might need to be removed.

The benefits of a root canal

Before the dentist recommends a root canal treatment, they will first perform a dental cleaning and exam to know if it is the best option for the tooth. If the tooth is indeed infected, undergoing a root canal is usually the most effective way to restore the smile's health and appearance. The benefits include the following.

Prevent the spread of infections

A tooth might get infected due to untreated tooth decay or damage. The dentist will perform root canal therapy to remove the bacteria causing the infection. After removing infected pulp tissue, the dentist will clean and disinfect the tooth, which will stop the pain and further tooth decay. After treating the infection, it will no longer spread to other areas.

Restore the smile's appearance

The dentist will finish the root canal treatment by covering the tooth with a crown or dental filling. The dental restoration is custom-made for the patient and restores the appearance of the teeth. Whatever damage that the tooth may have suffered due to the infection, it will no longer be visible. Essentially, the root canal can restore the function and aesthetic appeal of the teeth.

Save the teeth

If a tooth is infected, one of the options available is to remove it, but this will leave a gap in the smile and cause other dental issues. Root canal therapy can save the tooth from extraction by making it healthy again. The treatment's premise is to keep the natural tooth intact because while tooth replacements may be highly effective, they do not compare to having the original tooth.

Preserving the tooth means preventing jawbone deterioration. When the tooth stays in place, the jawbone stays intact. Jawbone deterioration can cause sagging facial structures. Tooth loss may also cause other teeth to shift from their position. The dentist is committed to saving the tooth and jawbone, and root canal therapy helps them achieve that. Refusing treatment for toothache or dental decay will only lead to complications that could result in tooth loss.

Stop tooth pain

One major benefit of a root canal is that it stops pain caused by a tooth infection. The procedure removes the inflammation occurring in the tooth pulp, which causes the pain. After a day or two, patients can resume their normal lifestyle, pain-free. However, one of the reasons that people avoid the treatment is fear of pain. The procedure is done with a local anesthetic to minimize pain, and afterward, patients will have functioning teeth with the original structures intact.

In conclusion

Severe tooth decay, damage, or infection compromises oral health and may be detrimental to overall well-being. Treating the tooth infection with a root canal improves oral health and saves the tooth. To learn more, contact the dental office to book an appointment with the dentist.

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