Benefits of Dentures Using All-on-6 Implants

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An All-on-6® permanent prosthesis is an efficient way to get a full-arch restoration. This procedure makes a lasting set of over-dentures. Removable dentures often cause inconvenience to those who use them. These teeth replacements could even fall out accidentally if not glued in place well. If you are thinking about getting an All-on-6 system, here are its benefits.

Stable with only six implants per arch

In an All-on-6 procedure, six implants of titanium rods support the artificial teeth in between them. This allows a more even pressure distribution throughout the jaw and implants. One could think of an All-on-6 as a table or a bed that has six legs. More stability means more lasting functionality.

The implants in this procedure mimic the natural pressure that teeth provide the gums. Two consecutive dental implants with a bridge and crowns feel and function like natural teeth. In an All-on-6 treatment, all major areas of the lower or upper jaw have the support of titanium rods. This is enough to span the entire arch and provide remarkable strength to the prosthesis.

Has strong integration into the jaw

The dentist pinpoints six areas of the jaw where the empty tooth sockets are. Once the dentist identifies and marks the six sockets, there will be an incision into each socket. The dentist will then drill the titanium rods into each tooth socket. Then, the dentist will stitch the gums. These six implants must heal first before the dentist places the abutments on the top parts of the rods. The abutments will allow the firm and easy placement of the implants and the bridges.

Optimal and repairable

An All-on-6 procedure is an optimum solution for people who lost a substantial number of teeth in the lower or upper jaw. It is also the most effective way to have artificial teeth despite being toothless. Traditional dentures will not help a toothless patient well. Only an All-on-6 procedure can bring back the integrity, feel, and look of genuine teeth.

When a section of All-on-6 over-dentures breaks, it is easy to repair. The patient needs to schedule an appointment so that the dentist can assess the damage right away. Any damaged bridge or crown can have a replacement in a few days. Once it is ready, the dentist will install it. The patient will then regain a complete set of stable prosthetics.

Less invasive

If the patient is toothless, it is less invasive to get an All-on-6 procedure than an individual dental implant for every missing tooth. It would be a much longer surgery to have 16 implants for the upper or lower jaw. An All-on-6 treatment does not need bone grafting either. The dentist avoids grafting by tilting the two posterior rods. Doing so uses the available bone in the patient’s jaw.

Getting an All-on-6 prosthesis is a more lasting and stable way to manage tooth loss

Tooth loss is a crisis that removable dentures often correct. Although removable teeth replacements pass as aesthetic replacements, they do not perform effectively. The permanent dentures you get from an All-on-6 procedure can provide more stability and strength to your mouth. Once this less-invasive treatment is over, you will have the look, feel, and function of genuine teeth. Talking to your dentist about an All-on-6 set of over-dentures can make you feel more at ease with the process.

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