The Importance of Abscess Treatment With a Same Day Dentist

Same Day Dentist West Grove, PA

A same day dentist has the necessary training and experience to quickly address and treat an abscess so it does not continue to be problematic. An abscessed tooth is not something that anyone wants to deal with, and it is extremely important to undergo same-day treatment from a dentist. An abscess can be extremely dangerous to one's oral health because it is the result of an ignored infection or cavity. Keep reading to find out more about what is involved and why it is so important to treat an abscess. 

Abscess treatment from a same day dentist

An abscessed tooth has a pocket of infected pus within it. This results from infections that have not been treated. Often, same day dentists treat abscesses because the individual cannot bear the pain that comes along with it. Additionally, there is usually a foul odor and swelling around the area. 

Because of the symptoms, most individuals are eager to visit a same day dentist for treatment. However,  some are keen on ignoring the problem and hoping that it goes away on its own. It is crucial that treatment is administered as soon as any of the symptoms are noticed because further avoidance of treatment could result in complete tooth loss or the infection of the other, surrounding teeth. 

What treatment entails

Treatment for an abscessed tooth may include several things, depending on the size, location, and severity of the infection. Regardless of those factors, the abscess will be drained first. From there, the determining factors will be used to direct the next steps. Here are a few common treatment options that a same day dentist may advise.

  • Root canal followed by dental crown placement
  • Antibiotic administering to kill any infection
  • Tooth extraction if the infection did too much damage

The role of a same day dentist

A same day dentist focuses their efforts on unexpected dental problems. They are equipped to treat last-minute emergencies or urgent needs, and they also provide oral health care to individuals that may not be considered emergent or urgent. For example, many same day dentists treat individuals who chipped a tooth and need a crown or veneer to cover it.

In some cases, same day dentists have access to same day dental crown machines, which can be helpful for chips, cracks, or breaks. In the event that same day technology is not accessible, the dentist can at least bond the tooth with resin while a custom prosthetic is made. 

Visit a same day dentist

When needing to have an abscessed tooth treated, the best place to start is by consulting with a same day dentist. The tooth can be drained and evaluated to determine what type of treatment is necessary. Additionally, any questions or concerns can be taken care of. To find out more or to get scheduled for an appointment, reach out today!

Request an appointment here: or call Jenny Chen Pediatric and Family Dentistry at (610) 400-1588 for an appointment in our West Grove office.

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